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Post Info TOPIC: [Scammers Exposed ] Lowlife tricks and more dont fall for it !!!!!!


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[Scammers Exposed ] Lowlife tricks and more dont fall for it !!!!!!


Scammers????.. What the hell are scammers? u might ask yourselfs..!!!

Scammers are lowlife, lifeless people that are kinda desperate i guess because they are to freakin lazy or just to plain stupid to get their own money and equipment, what makes them start thinking that scamming is the easyest way to get those things they want so desperately.
They are using someone's trust and allot of dirty tricks to start with stealing other people's possessions.
Scammers have many tricks how they can scam new, naive, and even careful people easily
Please everyone take care not to fall into any of those lowlife traps.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do they scam????
: Here's some of  their dirty lowlife tricks

Normal Scamming
There are always enough new or sometimes even experienced people that doesn't know much or anything about scammers when they start playing a game like Eternal Pirates Online.
If someone for example starts new and is being asked to give someone his/her equips or other items for any reason, that person might give the scammer his things without thinking that he won't get his things ever again.
This is the simple way of scamming. Asking people for their equipment  etc and never give it back again.!!!!!!

Scammed by Fake (Friends ) !!!!!!!!!
Those people try to get someones trust first. Act for a while like a they are a good friend. they are helpful and is giving you items that he maybe doesn't need!, to make u think that he's a good person who tries to help you out.
But when that scammer thinks that he convinced u enough to get your trust he will start to make his plans to "barrow" or temporary use some of your equips to never return them again !!!!
If something like that happens to people they start doubting other friends since they thought that the scammer was a (friend) also... but in the end he turned out to be a lowlife scammer wich ruins the fun for many others  

Fake Chars..!!!!!
Some Scammers  use the fact that you can write kinda the  "same"  Caracter name with other numbers letters or Alt symbols.
So they  create a fake char that is supposed to be a good copy of the original name of a character.!!!
for example if a charname has a capital "o"  in his name and the scammer makes a char that looks like him but instead of the capital "o" he uses the number zero: 0 for it. ( CONJO <----  this is letter "o"   C0NJ0 <---This is number zero "0" )  its tricky to see the difference.. This faking of letters can also be done with a small L and a capital i and the number 1
The easiest way to let the innocent person believe this trick, is when the scammer is placing his fake char near the original character, that might be afk, then he is pm's the person he whants to scamm and is asking him for example for his equipments, fairy or money and is trading him with the fake named character.....
Like this many people allready got scammed because they where convinced it whas the real Character trading them!!!!

Fake Guilds in combination with the fake charname!!!!!!!
Once scammers are using fake chars they also might start creating fake guilds with the real name of a guild but are leaving a space so that there are at the end two guilds with the same name.
Sure it's hard to know the real guild then, if you're not in the same guild and can't talk in guild chat with that person
in this way the scammer is trying to let people believe that he isn't a fake char but the real person who is even in the "same" guild as the real character is supposed to be in.!!!!!! Always make 100% sure your talking to who u need to talk to.
dont fall for this scam
Fake GM's!!!!
Some scammers make Fake Gm chars trying to fool people ingame  or make profile's like on facebook for example to trick people into giving their account info like Account names or Passwords!!!!!!
Never Ever ever ever  fall for this coz Gm's Dont need this information for any reason what so ever!!! so he whont ask u for this  coz  they can get all info they need by just knowing your charname if they need something from u or solve any problem!!!! 


Hacker/keylogger websites!!!!!!
Scammers or hackers in this case are sending links of websites to some people and tell them they can get free things or win IMPs or whatever if they login there!!!!!. DONT DO THIS!!!!!
Actually most are keylogger-sites. And with the next login at game. the person who logged at that fake-Eternal pirates website  will get the shock of his live finding out all his equips are gone or even worse your whole account!!!!!!!
Account Sellers!!!!!
Some  people who are selling accounts, are asking for ingame money or even for real money.
With buying an account theres always a  very high rate of getting scammed!!!!
- you might not even get an account if you allready payed for it and the seller is gone with the wind-
- if you can't change or forgot to change the e-mail, you're putting all your equips and other stuff on that account and suddenly with your next login you see that the password of that account was sadly changed and your left with nothing!!!!
In conclusion always be carefull dont trust anyone on his word even some ''friends'' might screw u bigtime!!!!!! Dont give those people the opportunity to spoil your fun in this game.. if u meet a person like this just    like the devil is chasing ya!!!!!

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Scammed by FAKE (FRIENDS) is heartbreaking awch



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if doing server trades never trade 1st

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