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Starting Guide-2024

Chapter 1 - Class


At the moment all the classes are balanced but my RECOMMENDATION is to get SharpShooter. Why  ? Because you can farm more easily, being faster and having the advantage of killing from a distance.


Chapter 2 - Leveling Up


So you are new to the Server? All you have to do is make Lv10 by killing 8x Mobs from Argent Outside, collect few 10k Notes and then write on WorldChat something like "Hello Guys im new on the server, Can some1 help me to level up please?"

In 99% of the time someone will help you. And maybe you will be lucky to meet some wonderful people like I met (Hi xEvan,Marcia,Shiny, xUnberable, Fraktur. Love u Guys)

So you found your Mentor and now you're Lv10, what's next? The mentor will help you to make Lv70 and then you will go to Shaitan City Hell House ( 822, 3664 ) on your way through Shaitan you can stop by the PET MALL NPC ( 909, 3544 ) and if your Mentor has not already given it to you, you can get a MordoJr and Fairy Possession with the money you made earlier from 10k Notes. (In 99% of cases the Mentor gives you everything you need for leveling up, including Hi-Amps that you can find in Argent Mall NPC 2231, 2785)


Ok, it's time to enter HellHouse, here the Mentor will help you reach Level 100. (a little hint, the higher Mordo's Level is, the more EXP you get.

Good, now you are Level100. To make Lvl150 you need EXP Pamphlets. How can you get them? It's a Quest you can take from Demension's Castle NPC Dementor (83,92) You have to kill Lv100 Roo-Roo mobs, Lv100 Spiny Crabs and collect Cursed Treasure 0/10, Candy of the Dead 0/5, Tender Web 0 /10. Each Quest will give you 1x EXP Pamphlet = 1Lv UP.


I RECOMMEND YOU STAY LEVEL 100 for the beginning and I will explain WHY in the Chapter (Farming).


It's time to choose your class, as I said above, I recommend you to become SS, to do that you have to go to Argent to Job Changer NPC ( 2206,2789 ) After that you need skills, you can get them from Icicle Grocer NPC (1355,486) You can also use Stealth as a SharpShooter, the skill is called Cloak and you can find it here.


Chapter 3 - Farming.


In 90% of cases the Mentor helps you with a Kylin Set / Neck, Rings or even Rage/Sage Set. If it doesn't help you then you can VOTE for the Server and you will get 900 Credits 1x Kylin Chest = 800 Credits. If you make 2 Accounts you can get both the Set and the Bow/Gun = 600 Credits.


This is a good method of farming off game. Make as many accounts as possible and vote, buy Azzrael Chests or Manu-Packs, Potion-Packs because these sell the best.


Ok, now you are equipped. My recommendation is to start farming in DW. DW1 monsters drop 1Mill Notes. And Mobs in DW2 drop Kal Runestones. To get to DW you have to buy tickets from Argent Tickets NPC (2200, 2781) to Scared Snow Mountain. And to find the portal to DW2, I recommend that you search on Google "Demonic World Map" to make it easier for you. After you have farmed a nice number of Kals (4-5 stacks of 99x) and 1m notes you can return.


I recommend using 99x for Rebirth. how do you do that Well, you have to go to the Icicle Reputation Exchanger NPC ( 1336,535 ) and get the Goddess's Favor. After that, take tickets to the Carribbean Tour and go to these coordinates ( 473, 1052 ) Talk to the Heaven NPC and go to Heaven. On this server there is a Twist and you can do Rebirth 3th from the first without 1-2. So you will get Stone 3th RB from Stone NPC, and after that VOILA 3th Rebirth its done.


Now you can sell the rest of the Kals on World Chat. The currency on Eternal Pirates is Gr8 Chests. 99 Kals = 3-4 gr8 chests, 1 piece eq Sage/Rage Set = 3 gr8 chests, to give you an idea.

To get Gr8 Chests you can do Gr8 Quest. This appears in Argent at Event NPC and you can do it as many times as you want but only for a certain time, a few hours. You need: 10x Pirate Sailor/Fighter/Milita to Kill and 20x Kals/20x Wood/20x Sashimi/20x Energy Ore. How to get them? Very simple, you already know how to get Kals. For Wood, Mining and Finish you need to get the Mining, WoodCutting and Salvage Skills. Go to Argent Grocery NPC (2233, 2731) Get some Life Skill Points and then get these 3 Skills. WoodCutting is simple Go to Caribbean and Have Fun, Mining is the same, you go to Barren Cavern and have fun. For Fishing you need to get an Argent boat from Builder NPC (2254, 2801) And then have fun at sea. You can make more stocks and more accounts and you can do the Gr8 Quest much faster.


After you manage to get Rage/Sage (for SS I recommend Rage) You can go to Tundra Path (Icicle 1309, 532) You are not yet strong enough to farm in Tundra but with the Stealth skill you can enter and ask the players to give BD Vouchers (99% of the players there will give them to you because they don't use them) With BD Vouchers and Money made in DW you can start jamming your Rage Set. I recommend you put BD Soul in your hat, if you make 90 PHY Resist you will be able to Tank in Tundra. You should start with the cheaper Gems first, such as Gem of Striking, Colossus, etc. and then move on to the more expensive ones.


Well now you can farm in the Tundra, the Monsters drop Buff Notes (which are very sought after) and 10m Notes + BD Vouchers that you can sell for money if you no longer need to use them.


After you have advanced a little, I would recommend you to regularly check the Arena1 Portal (Argent 2203,2899) Because every hour 2 chests are spawned which if you use AMP of Luck you can get 2x SORO and Eternal Chests each. You can also check in ****an Kyjj NPC (827.3500) Kyjj Arena 2.



When you feel confident and have a complete Set you can start doing the 4TH Rebirth Quest, you will need the help of your friends/Guild for this, so I recommend you to join one. (To find out how you can do the 4TH RB Quest/MasterQuest/LB Quest you can see our other Guides




As you advance as much as possible in the game you will learn new ways to make $ (Gr8s) such as Game Trading, after you learn the prices of the items you can buy cheap and sell expensive.

You can make Gems for other players who will pay you for it

You can join the CTF which I won't explain here because it's more fun to discover some things yourself.


Also, if you are very ACTIVE, you can be rewarded very well. Especially in Weekends when Events are organized and you can win different things, and if you are lucky you can win very valuable things.


Thank you for Viewing, I hope this Guide helps.

Sorry if I missed any information, but I think this is the necessary info for any player on the Eternal Pirates.


Love u guys x.x AngryFatKid32


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